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When Xtreme Power Systems set out to find a fan system that could meet our extreme needs, we discovered that the Dynamax fan was the best choice. This fan system was originally powered by a OS.91 glow engine.  We have converted this fan system to electric, using several motor combinations.

Thousands of planes were built and flown on glow ducted fans.  Most of these planes were just simply retired because glow engines were always difficult to keep running in these setups.  Now, these planes can be brought back to life using a fan system that not only provides more power on a 10S setup than the OS.91 could, but also with the added benefit of it sounding like a turbine instead of a "hair dryer".  Breathe new life into that old model!  Choose from two models described below.

Series II motor on the left, original motor on the right.  Series II has a billet shaft, and rubber wire isolators.


The Dynamax Xtreme PRO 2 fan system uses an improved version of the success PRO motor that has proplled many jets to record speeds.  There is no electric ducted fan system more powerful in the world - period.  Until we produce a larger diameter fan, there is nothing more powerful available  (at any price) than this setup!

Dynamax Xtreme PRO II Fan System Features:

  • JMP 127mm (5") Dynamax fan
  • Custom made 20Kw outrunner motor (10S to 18S, or 20Kw) with 3 large Japanese made internal bearings and billet shaft
  • Custom designed center hub, rotor, and collet
  • 10awg flexible Castle Creations wire and male 6.5mm bullet connectors (include matching female connectors)
  • Fully balanced and ready to install
  • Weight: 3 pounds, 1 ounces.
  • Kv: 650 (+/- 5)

Power ratings using XPS 30C 5000mAh batteries

  • 10S - 22,800 RPMs, 12+ pounds of thrust, 87A
  • 12S - 26,900 RPMs, 16+ pounds of thrust, 116A
  • 15S - 32,500 RPMs, 24+ pounds of thrust, 158A
  • 16S - 34,100 RPMs, 25+ pounds of thrust, 177A

Power ratings using XPS 65C 6800mAh batteries

  • 10S - 24,200 RPMs, 13+ pounds of thrust, 96A
  • 12S - 28,200 RPMs, 17+ pounds of thrust, 129A
  • 15S - 34,600 RPMs, 26+ pounds of thrust, 168A
  • 16S - 36,250 RPMs, 29+ pounds of thrust, 205A

Note: A 15S 65C 2P-5000mAh (10,000mAh total) setup is 36,050 RPMs peak @197A (used in ViperJet below).

The PRO II  powered this 33 pound Skymaster ViperJet to 195.6MPH See the video here

This original PRO setup used to propel Jim Drew's Starfire to 223.9MPH (on the 4th pass) at the Big Jolt event.  See the video here.

Two of these fans were responsible for pushing the XPS/Acme Twin E-Victory into destruction after 1.7 seconds of full throttle!  See the video here.

Checkout all of the videos from Xtreme Power Systems on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/xtremepowersystems



Only $569 ready to install!



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