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Full Version: How-to videos
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This thread is for our how-to videos.
Video of setting up a X10+ channel expander with a Nano receiver can be be found here.

The video shows how to use the X10+ Channel Expander with your Nano receiver, including how to setup the failsafe positions.
Video of the Nano binding procedure can be be found here.

To put the NanoII, Nano3, or original Nano (v1.9 or later firmware required) receiver into Xtreme output mode for use with the X10+, bind the Nano just like you normally would - but, when the LED turns off DO NOT disconnect the power yet.  Pulling the power with the LED off leaves it in normal PWM (servo output) mode.  Take the binding plug and put it on the binding port for at least one second and then remove it.  The LED will turn on solid red.  This sets the output mode to PPM.  Now, put the binding plug back on the binding port again, wait at least one second and then remove it.  The LED will now be flashing red.  This means the receiver is in Xtreme output mode.  Now, remove the power from the receiver.

If you are using the new v1.9 firmware for the original Nano, there is a 4th option - putting the jumper on again, waiting one second, and removing it will cause the LED to flash at twice the speed of the previous mode selection.  If you remove the power at this point, the Nano will output the Xtreme mode on port 6, and channels 12-16 will be mapped to ports 1-5.  This gives you a full 16 channels with the X10+.  NOTE:  If you select this mode, you MUST do a RESET or use the XDP to reset the channel mapping back to 1-6.  Simply, rebinding does NOT change the channel mapping.

If you put the jumper on the 2nd time and the LED turns off, then you have the original Nano that has not been upgraded to v1.9 firmware.  The upgrade requires the XDP or being sent back to us for a firmware upgrade.

A new updater (v4.0) is now available. This includes an update for the original Nanos to provide support for Xtreme and Xtreme/PWM mixed modes for use with the X10+.


There seems to be a LOT of misunderstanding about how to change the output mode with the Nano receivers.  Setting the output mode is done at the end of the binding sequence.  You can't power off the receiver until the complete sequence has been completed.

Please follow this procedure exactly:

Put the receiver into binding mode by powering it up and when the LED starts flashing, put the jumper on the binding port (that is port labeled "B") and after a few seconds remove the jumper.  The LED will now be flashing red pretty quickly.

Put the transmitter into binding mode by pressing and HOLDING the PROG button on the transmitter module while turning on the transmitter.  Hold the PROG until you see the transmitter module's LED turn green.  Then release the button.  The transmitter module and receiver will bind.  The LED on the receiver will turn off, and the transmitter module's LED will turn green.  At this point DO NOT power off the receiver yet!!  You can power off the transmitter if you want.

Now, take the jumper and plug it into the binding port and remove it. The LED will turn on solid red.  This means it is now in PPM output mode.  Plug the jumper into the binding port and remove it again. The LED will start flashing red.  This means it is in Xtreme (X10+) mode. Now, remove the power to the receiver and turn off the transmitter (if still on).  The Xtreme mode will now be output on all 6 of the ports. Attach the cable to the X10+ and to any of the Nano's normal port outputs and you should be good to go.