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Full Version: Firmware Releases
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Latest release: v2.3

Download: X24-updater23.exe


v2.2 - 10/23/19 ** INTERNAL TEST RELEASE **
  • Added support for Graupner SUMD v3.
  • Fixed issue with Failsafe defaulting to Rx instead of X24 in the Input Mode when doing a RESET of the settings.
  • Added ability to display infinite number of pages of channels in the Channel Info display.
  • Changed failsafe handling to now check and show all receiver's frame loss instead of ignoring all other receivers after finding the first receiver with a valid packet.  This helps with setup of antennas.
  • Fixed displaying Channel Info for 10/11 bit Spektrum satellite frames.

 v2.3 - 11/11/19
  • Added "Advanced" menu option.
  • Added RxWindow under Advanced menu, which is the amount of time (us) to wait after the last byte of serial data has been received, before processing all of the serial packets.  This allows handling receivers that have different firmware or even hardware that might result in different lengths of time to decode and send serial data packets.  Only change when known issue exists!
  • Changed power-off routine to flicker STATUS LED for 1/2 second while powering down instead of simply delaying 2 seconds before actually powering off.