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Nano antenna - Falco - 07-10-2022

I have several nano receivers.  It appears the antennae are glued on the front of the board and soldered to the back.  On one of mine the antennae came unglued and over time the wires seem to have frayed.   Its hard to tell if some of the strands are broken, even looking through a magnifying glass but the wires feel weak like they could break off.  I thought about adding solder to the front of the board but if the strands are broken its very close to the wire insulation.  Can these antenna wires be replaced?

Attached is a pic I took this evening.  Thinking of adding solder up to the insulation and gluing the antenna back to the board.


RE: Nano antenna - Falco - 07-11-2022

Jim, this situation seemed familiar... I asked this back in 2013.  Your answer was to replace with 26awg wire the same length and re-glue.  Is this still the current procedure?

RE: Nano antenna - XPS - 07-12-2022

Yes, that is fine.