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Crossfire input For X10 - Falco - 11-27-2022

Jim, is it possible to add crossfire compatibility to the X10 with a firmware update?  Express LRS is gaining popularity and I'm looking to pick up a few receivers to experiment with.  The protocol seems to be designed for quads but due to its popularity some are looking to use it in other models.  With some of the most popular Rxs not having PWM outputs it would be nice to combine them with an X10 for a 10 ch Rx.  Yes an crsf to sbus converter can be use but it adds another piece of hardware that would be nice to eliminate Rolleyes

RE: Crossfire input For X10 - XPS - 12-03-2022

We have looked into this recently, but we were not able to find anything (code-wise) for information on how this protocol works. So, we got a transmitter module and receiver and at some point will add this to our up-coming products and firmware updates (if possible).

RE: Crossfire input For X10 - Falco - 07-20-2023

Thought I would update this thread.  Looks like the upcoming release of expresslrs firmware 3.3 will include SBUS out along with a few other serial protocols.  This will allow connecting one of the thumbnail size elrs Rx to the X10 for a 10ch PWM receiver.  Looking forward to trying this in the near future.  Down side is that the elrs firmware while flexible has a bit of a learning curve.  Will also give me telemetry which I don't have with my nanos.