Settings for Taranis X9D
(06-10-2022, 08:18 AM)XPS Wrote: You have to put the XtremeLink module into "XJT-D16 mode".  After that you would set the XJT-D16 protocol in the radio.  Once you have done that you can bind just like normal.

You are WAY better off (from a latency standpoint) to use the XJT-D16 mode.

Even with the Nano\X10 combo I'm using 10 channels or less and have been OK with the radio in PPM mode.  Curious about the XJT mode.  I'm having trouble finding the instructions on how the put the JR module in XJT-D16 mode.  Could you point me to the correct manual.  If I put the module in this mode will I have to rebind all my Nanos?  

I was unable to find the instruction on putting the module in XJT mode in the documents listed below.  Perhaps I'm looking in the wrong place or just missing something  Rolleyes
Thanks for you assistance.
It is not a documented feature in any of our manuals.

Here are the instructions for setting our JR module (the only one that is compatible with OpenTx transmitters) to use XJT-D16 mode:

To use our JR module with an OpenTx based transmitter you need to change the module's input mode to 2. To do that, put the module into push button programming mode (like for setting the power, hopping, and input mode). Red=power, green=hopping mode, orange = input mode. The default input mode is 1 flash (PPM). Set it to 2 flashes (XJT).

To use our JR module with OpenTx you must set the OpenTx based transmitter with these settings:

Set the Internal RF to OFF
Set the External RF to XJT D16
Set the failsafe to RECEIVER

You MUST re-bind any receiver when switching input modes!
(06-12-2022, 10:53 AM)XPS Wrote: You MUST re-bind any receiver when switching input modes!

Couple more questions Rolleyes  Is there a downside to XJT mode? Is the bind process the same as in input mode 1?  In other words during binding it is still possible to cycle through the same  output modes, PWM/PPM/Xtreme1/Xtreme2?  I have many Nanos and I use Extreme1 with some x10s, so I want to understand before doing a lot of rebinding.
There is no downside to using XJT mode. In fact, it cuts the latency to almost 1/3rd of what PPM is.

You can still use PWM and Xtreme1/Xtreme2, but PPM will not work because it requires a PPM input mode from the transmitter side.

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