X16 Sequencer
Doesn't work on either X16.
Ordered another 2 units to try, all gear I have used in the past has simply worked.
I can use these with external sequencers which drive 7 servos, more than enough.
All of the X16's are the same, so changing them is not going to change the end result.  Can you tell us what firmware version your current units are?

We are also use to things just working without any issues!
Both the X16's are version 1.0 Firmware.
Have set both units up as follows to test, hopefully done it by the manual.

Doors: Seq1: Ch5 Trigger 1500 Port A2 Speed 2% Pos1:1000 (Hold Off) Delay 0 Pos2:1800 Delay 6 Pos3:1800 Delay 0
Gear: Seq2: Ch5 Trigger 1500 Port B2 Speed 1% Pos1:1000 (Hold Off) Delay 4 Pos2:1800 Delay 0 Pos3:1800 Delay 0

One unit works, the other ignores 4 sec time delay on Seq 2 Pos1: Gear down, but works on Gear up.
That's what I want to do, should this be Ok within your parameters?
Apart from this the units are great.
So, now one works? Both units should do the same thing. Make sure that you don't have some other sequencer interfering with the sequence you are trying to use. If in doubt, do a RESET to defaults from the SYSTEM menu.

Your settings are fine, and are very common for a gear door setup. We are guessing that since one unit works and the other doesn't that you probably have some other sequencer interfering or you don't have A2 or B2 disabled in the OUTPUT PORTS setup.

We were reviewing the documentation for the sequencers in the manual and noticed a mistake about the order of sequencing for the backwards direction. Delay 1 was shown twice instead of it being Delay 2 and then Delay 1. The documentation has been updated and can be downloaded from the MANUALS section of our website.
That's great, I'll check for my mistake in the second unit.
I was intially trying to get multiple sequences 1, down, 2 down, 3 up, 4 up as per my programmable external sequencers.
Obviously now that couldn't work, as I was trying to make 3 overide 1, 4 overide 2 and vice versa.
This is more efficient, yeah!
You can have up to 16 sequences, and they can all use any channel number (including the same channel number). We setup a F-15 jet that has split gear doors, so there are 12 sequencers required, all using a single channel.

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