Firmware feature requests
This thread is to discuss possible firmware features for the X24.  If you have an idea for something new or changing something that exists, let us know!
Hi Jim,

I own quite a few x10+, an x24 and an x16

I'm currently using sbus but currently thinking about switching brands and buying a powerbox atom.

Will you be supporting the powerbox P²-BUS protocol and if yes any idea on which products and an estimate for implementation?

We have never heard of the powerbox P²-BUS protoocol. So, the short answer is no. We would have to determine if there is enough interest in this to make it worthwhile to spend the time developing this support. The Powerbox Atom transmitter is only 11 bits of resolution, which is surprising since even the low-end Futaba and FrySky offerings are 12 bits.
Hi Jim, the issue is futaba is lagging development and is still stuck to fixed templates. I tried Jeti and i can't get used to their transmitters. Spekky ergonomics is ok but I'm not sure i want to go that way. I don't trust frsky, haven't for a while actually.

Powerbox core has 4096 encoders but it also comes with a hefty pricetag and each tx is built to the user requirements. Its been out for a while but it was way too expensive whereas the atom is a buy off the shelf unit and its a 2048-step resolution for all 18 channels at a more reasonable price.

I'm still thinking about buying it even though it would mean I'd have to go with the powerbox expanders and power distribution units even if i really want to keep using your stuff.

This does actually remind me the same discussion we had some years ago when i asked you about support for the frsky sbus implementation where initially there was a slight reservation but you did it in the end. I do hope you are able to support the powerbox protocol - its becoming more and more popular in Europe now theres a more affordable transmitter.
We have seen no documentation on this protocol. If you know of some, please provide a link.
Hi Jim, just seen your reply. No unfortunately i don't really have the details but my guestimate would be that its similar to sbus primarily because it contains the same characteristics. Not sure how the actual protocol communication is handled but my guess would be that if you were to contact powerbox they would respond to your enquiry and see whether its feasible to either support it or not?
We will make an inquiry about this to PowerBox.

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