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8 Channel Computer Radio System


Why settle for only 7 channels when you can have a superior system with 8 channels, for less?

This computer radio control system features twelve model memories, the most advanced (yet simple to use) programming technology, a high-contrast graphic LCD screen, removable antenna, stylish case, rotary function wheel, buttons and knobs for all popular control functions, and more!  Fully compatible with ALL existing XtremeLink and iFS receivers.  System comes with the MX-16 transmitter, rechargeable transmitter battery, and stick mode conversion kit (no receiver, servos, charger, or receiver battery pack).  Retail price is $299!


System Includes:

(1) MX-16 8 channel 2.4GHz transmitter with 1700mAh (or larger) NiMH transmitter battery


Transmitter Specifications:

Frequency band: 2.400GHz to 2.4835GHz
Control functions: 8 functions
Servo resolution: 65,536 steps (16-bit)
Temperature range: -25░C to +125░C
Operating voltage: 9.6 to 12.4 V
Current drain approx. 185 mA
Dimensions approx. 195 x 190 x 85 mm
Weight approx. 850 g including transmitter battery


Detailed Information:

Microcomputer radio control system.  High speed microprocessor using the latest 2.4GHz RF technology created by Xtreme Power Systems.

Bi-directional communication.  The best link is one where the transmitter knows if the receiver got its data!  If the receiver does not acknowledge
that it got its data, the transmitter will it is immediately resend the data (over and over if necessary) until the receiver
responds. Telemetry support also possible with bi-directional communications.

No crystals, no frequency conflicts.  Simultaneous use of up to 120 Graupner transmitters possible without interference.  Not affected by other 2.4GHz
radio systems.

Ultra-fast transmission rate.  250Kbps over-air data rate gives the fastest possible response.

Rejects interference.  Completely immune to EMI and other electrical noise caused by electric motors, servos and metal-to-metal contact.

Stubby antenna.  Folding and removable allows for easy storage, and prevents broken antennas.

Transmitter operation and programming.   The most advanced programming technology available.  Based on the proven concepts of the highly
successful Graupner MC-19 to MC-24 radios used by the top European pilots.

Multiple model types.  Airplane, helicopter, sailplane.  Each with multiple servo configurations.

High-contrast graphic LCD screen.  Large and easy to read, the display insures perfect monitoring of set-up parameters, operational states, and timers.

Eight control functions.  With simplified method of assigning transmitter controls to auxiliary functions.

Free assignment of all switches and knobs.  Simply move the desired switch to assign it a new function!

Twelve model memories.  Using the latest form of back-up memory which requires no Lithium battery.

Multiple controls.    One three-position switch, one momentary button, one analogue control, two digital controls installed as standard.  All individually programmable.

Function encoder.  Rotary roller and three momentary buttons for simplified programming and accurate set-up.

Multiple stick mode support.  Easily switch between stick modes 1 - 4.

Graphic servo display.   Detailed display provides a fast, simple overview for checking servo travels.

Comprehensive fixed-wing and helicopter menus.  Fast setup with a simple overview for checking servo travels.

Servo travel adjustment.   Adjustments for all servo channels, separately variable for each end-point.

Sub-trim.   Designed for setting the neutral position of all servos.

Two-stage Expo / Dual-Rate system.  Individually variable, switchable in flight

Mixer functions

Programmable Fail-Safe function.   HOLD or USER DEFINED, individually variable for each separate servo channel.

Stopwatch / count-down timer.  Each with alarm function.

Model copy/delete function.  Easily manage model memories.


Want to see the advanced features?  Download the current manual by CLICKING HERE.




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